Can’t Extend C Drive With Un-allocated Space In windows 10/11.

Problem Statement.

Not able to extend C drive with unallocated space in windows 10/11 due to healthy partition

Solution :-

1. Open This PC:-

2. Right Click On This PC & Click On Manage :-

3. Click On Disk Management Under Storage Section:-

4. Here You See All Partition Of Your Computer, To Extend C Drive You Need TO Delete D Drive Partition.

5. Now It Look Likes This:-

6. But due to healthy partition you can’t extend your c drive as normally. for that you have to delete that healthy partition. But you can’t do that with disk management you have follow the following steps to delete the healthy partition.

7. Open CMD As Administrator.

8. Type “diskpart” and hit Enter:-

9. Type “list disk” hit Enter:-

10. Type “select disk 0” hit Enter:-

11.Type “list partation” hit Enter:-

12. In my case my healthy partition is “Partition 5” you can cross check your from disk management console. My is 5 so I am selecting 5

13. Type “select partition 5” hit Enter:-

14. Type “delete partition override” hit enter:-

15. Now you can Extend you C drive with D drive.

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